Pop Up Class App Creating Immersive Experiences

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Pop Up Class App is designed to help create immersive event experiences.

Creator, Candice Epthorp saw a gap in the group activation market while running an outdoor yoga event. The setting was perfect, tickets sold out, the teachers were amazing but there was something missing... The event experience needed something extra, something to tie it all together.

Pop Up Class App, is designed where the teacher speaks directly to each of their students through wireless AirPods (at an event or remotely).Students become part of the event by having the sound delivered to them (via headphones) and image capture (via phone camera) of their experience, making each experience totally unique and fully immersive.

Your event could be a yoga class in a busy shopping mall, iconic landmark or mediation in a park. Pop Up Class App was also designed so you can think outside the box. For example, your Pop Up Class could be at an art gallery with the students performing as part of the installation, or immersive PR events to make your brand really get noticed.

Pop Up Class App is also the perfect opportunity for wellness brands and technology to come together to create unforgettable branded experiences and real world content. Use the contact us button to find out more.

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